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It is necessary for the user to read all the terms and conditions below and by doing so we believe that you abide by the terms and conditions policy of the website After the completion of registration the concerned person will automatically enter into a contract and we acknowledge that he/she has accepted the terms and condition which will be applied to avail the website ( .The agreement between the user and this website ( is subject to change without any prior notice. The agreement will be disclosed immediately after it is updated. We request you to not use the website if you are against the terms and conditions of the contract.( provides a provision for the Truck holders / Truck owners and Load providers / Cargo providers to connect, satisfy their business needs and expand there by. We do not take place in actual coordination between the parties and are not responsible for any dispute that arises between the parties.


1. The content of the website is subjected to change without any prior notice. We do not provide any warranty to the information or material available on this website for any particular purpose or any third party for that matter. We exclude ourselves from any inaccuracies and errors on the given information and material to the fullest extent permitted by the law. ( do not take any responsibility for the checking the material, information or any kind of report accuracy submitted by the visitors. Usage of any information and material on this website is at your own risk. There are some risks which the visitors and customer assume while dealing and the same will be borne by the visitor/customer. The website is just a platform to connect the Truck owner / Truck provider and Load provider Cargo provider and do not control any postings done by the visitors nor will the website control the visitors of its service. does not assure to control the behaviour of the visitors/participants on this site .This website doesn’t take any responsibility for the context of visitors’ comments. The customers and visitors should understand that any information available on this website is done at visitors/customers own discretion and risk and no way related to any damages or costs incurred from any transaction. No information/suggestion obtained by the customers from this website shall be taken as a recommendation and shall create any warranty not expressly stated here in. is shall not take liability directly/indirectly in respect to any damage or loss that arises out of any transaction.

2. To the fullest extent possible by law is no way held responsible to the suppliers/ customers or third parties for any damages or losses that results because of lost data, lost employment opportunities due to inability usage of content available on user who register with through mobile number or email id will thereby give all rights to the website to sent promotional content to the same. We do not encourage any cancellations from both cargo holder/load provider and truck provider/truck holder/truck owner. This website is no way held responsible for any kind of transhipment delays and halting charges. No individual is supposed to damper with software materials and try to download software related material to use or sell the same to any third party will be punished. This kind of action is considered as punishable offense and it is against law. An advance of certain percentage on the total freight amount has to be paid to confirm the order by the cargo/load provider. The advance payment will be released to the truck owner/holder/provider only after load/cargo loading and before the commencement of trip. A service commission will be charged for every order confirmation through Wayside Truck Freight by Wayside utilities pvt ltd.

3.  i) No goods of dangerous or hazardous nature to human life shall be carried by a common carrier except in accordance with such procedure and after complying with such safeguards as may be prescribed.
  ii) The Central Government may, by rules made in this behalf, specify the goods of dangerous or hazardous nature to human life and label or class of labels to be carried in, or displayed on, the motor vehicle or such goods in the course of transportation.
  iii) Notwithstanding anything contained in any other law for the time being in force, every common carrier shall scrutinise and ensure before starting transportation of any consignment containing goods of dangerous or hazardous nature to human life that the consignment is covered by, one or more insurance policies under a contract of insurance in respect of such goods providing relief in case of death or injury to a person or damage to any property or the consignment, if an accident takes place.

LIABILITY LIMITATION: will believe that any information or content available is accurate to the best of its knowledge. Under any unexpected condition waysidetruckfreight is no way responsible and take liability for the accuracy of the content. The visitor/customer takes the sole responsibility to verify the information before relying on it. doesn’t hold any responsibility for the cargo leakages, spillages any other damages caused due to accidents.


The customers/visitors are free to access information available on the website at free of cots. We do not allow access to certain information and features on website with or without permission as it the rights are being reserved by If the users membership is being dissolved he/she cannot access until and unless there are officially being invited by the website. We have the right to change the features on the website without any prior notice and create different access on the website to different users.

The customer’s contract can be dissolved anytime because of the following reasons:

1. If any spam/unrelated information is being post or shared through website.

2. If any spam/unrelated information is being post or shared through website

3. If any user breaches the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement of the website

4. If any user has submitted false documents regarding his identity, license or any other document for the matter.

5. **Any user below 18 years/minor shall not be permitted to become a member in Immediately the contract will be dissolved if the enrolled users are found to minors.


The following are the mandatory documents to be submitted by every user to register and become member of


**Truck owner/truck holder/cargo provider need to submit their GST NUMBER.

** Any false documents being submitted by the user is a punishable offense and or any authority related to waysidetruckfreight will not be held responsible and the user’s membership will be cancelled immediately without any prior notice. If the above mentioned documents contain any typographical errors doesn’t hold any responsibility.

SYSTEM MAINTAINENCE: will suspend their operations for technical up gradation, maintenance, to edit content on the website .Your use of this website and any dispute arising out of such use of the website is subject to the laws of India or other regulatory authority. Users will take sole responsibility to backup the information, pictures and materiel being posted as will not be held responsible for backup files and information.

DISCLAIMER: holds every right to remove change edit information or content of the website at any given point of time without any prior notice. Website cannot be held liable for the above reasons.

In case of any dispute, it has to be resolved through arbitration or legal procedures. Subjected to Visakhapatnam jurisdiction only.