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With the increasing growth in the freight industry in India, it is difficult to find the right customer at the right time at the right place. This gap can be addressed by replacing the existing third parties / third party agents with a digitalised platform. Wayside Truck Freight is a digital platform created with a vision to bridge the existing gap between the load/cargo providers which includes but not limited to e-business, manufacturers (cement, automobile etc.), supply chain management, freight forwarders, agro farm owners, mill owners etc. and the transporters/truck owners/truck holders. It creates a provision for the truck provider/holder to reach the load provider on finger tips and vice versa.

The online GPS system aids the load provider to track his load throughout the trip thereby assuring safe and secure transportation. This facility even helps the truck driver to estimate the reaching time and book another trip before the current trip ends thus avoiding any waiting time. Wayside aims at helping its clients achieve their business objectives effectively and on a timely basis. We offer the load provider with flexible payment methods and best quality services at affordable and competitive rates. is managed by industrial experts.

Faster turnaround time
Better and a faster medium
Can be availed for different types of cargos and various destinations(PAN INDIA)
It creates provision for the service provider on finger tips and vice versa
On-time deliveries
Real time tracking
Huge database
Reduced wastage of man days and efficient utilisation of truck