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5 Ways To Reduce Your Freight Costs

If your business involves inventory and transportation, you would know that freight charges are one of the biggest headaches, and are one of the key costs in the business. Transportation costs are highly uncertain, varying from carrier to carrier. More often, a merchant may not even know of the freight costs until he gets an invoice from the carrier.

But experience teaches us how to manage the freight: to build relations in the logistics industry and how to cut costs. At Wayside Truck Freight, we’ve identified five key factors that affect your freight costs and have come up with an innovative solution that can help reduce your shipment expenses.

Here are the five factors influencing your transportation costs and how, with Wayside Truck Freight, we’ve solved each of these:

1. Fuel Costs :

Fuel plays a major role in determining the transportation costs for your shipment. As the fuel prices increase, the costs would increase proportionately. With the increasing fuel prices in India, the transportation costs are on the higher side.

Usually, the carrier has to bear the expense for the return journey of the truck, after the delivery. Wayside Truck Freight has identified this as a major opportunity to cut down on the expense. With a huge database of cargo providers, we’re making sure that the trucks get in shipment orders on their return journey as well, thus saving them the brunt of bearing the empty return expense.

This leads to lesser expenditure for the freight carrier which would in turn reflect on the cargo provider, thus reducing the overall transportation costs.

2. Demand for Freight :

This is a huge factor that decides on the cost of the shipment. If the demand is less and there’s a lot of space in the truck, the carrier would be forced to charge a premium price for the same. But with Wayside Truck Freights’ huge database of cargo providers, we’ve ensured enough demand for the freight carriers, thus helping them reduce the overall cost of transportation to the customers.

But with Wayside Truck Freights’ huge database of cargo providers, we’ve ensured enough demand for the freight carriers, thus helping them reduce the overall cost of transportation to the customers.

3. Vehicle Capacity :

The freight charges also vary depending upon the size of the truck. Choosing a big truck for a smaller load would incur a huge transportation cost and choosing a smaller truck for a bigger load would pose questions on the safety of the shipment

But with Wayside Truck Freight, you get to choose the right truck for your shipment, from our huge list of trucks and carriers, thus eliminating the extra charges that would have been incurred.

4. Customer Loyalty :

Like in any market, customer loyalty plays a major role in the logistics industry as well. Merchants offering regular business definitely get a benefit of a lower price.

With Wayside Truck Freight, you could choose different trucks at different locations and still be a loyal customer. More so, Wayside truck freight also offers amazing gifts and surprises to its loyal customers from time to time.

5. Customer Reputation :

The price quoted can also lastly depends upon your reputation as a customer. If you’ve a good reputation and have shorter loading times, you can be quoted a lesser price by the truck owners.

Wayside truck freight collects the feedback from its users and helps the people on both sides of the demand and supply chain, study about the other party before going ahead.

Thus, when it comes to logistics and supply chain management, the one stop solution you’re looking for is Wayside Truck Freight, which has been created after a lot of research and study by experienced industrialists.

Whether it is to cut costs or to safeguard your shipment during the delivery, Wayside Truck Freight offers you the best features at the best prices.

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